Cascade Marine Agencies
Cascade Marine Agencies
Cascade Marine Agencies


Our business is about saving you time and money:
We know the ins and outs, the history, customs and facilities of each of our ports. We can advise you in advance of complications and take action to avoid problems. We know what you want; Efficient turnaround of your vessel in port, effective liaison with local port authorities, control of port costs and accurate production of disbursements. Solid working relationships with and great knowledge of major importers and exporters. Superior vessel husbandry, procurement of supplies and services, timely and effective communications with all players. At Cascade Marine Agencies, Ltd. that’s what we provide, and the net result is that your shipping needs are met at a competitive cost.

  • Full & Protective agency service for owners, operators, charterers, suppliers
  • 24 Hour communication center
  • AES Manifest filing for Exports
  • Freight Forwarding services
  • Accurate & Timely Disbursement accounts. We submit ours 1 month sooner than the industry standard.

Cascade Marine Agencies
Cascade Marine Agencies

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